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Why you’ll Never Succeed at B2B Marketing


Wanting to succeed online is one thing, but knowing how and what to avoid is another. 


With significant B2B marketing mistakes, your business would keep losing thousands of dollars each month, resulting in HUGE DEBT!


Honestly, no business wants this!



When it comes to B2B marketing, there’s a lot you’ve got to get right. Why?


This is because there’s no magic formula that gives you 100% results within the snap of your fingers.


Now let’s get this straight.


Recurring errors are not something you would not want to joke with since they can be detrimental. So, ensure you avoid these fatal mistakes in order to succeed in B2B marketing.


     1. Not Understanding your Target Customer


Not understanding your target customers is one of the biggest mistakes in marketing. No matter what B2B sales approach you utilize, none of them will give you the returns on investment you hope for if you have zero or less understanding about your customers.


Too many B2B companies implement the same technique for all their customers while solving their problems, and this needs to STOP! 


Let’s step back and think about this.


Imagine you host a large event, and you decide to serve everyone only pork after the event. We all know Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork, and not everyone would be satisfied after the event.


Now the same thing happens here. 


You might be doing everything expected and more, but until you know what your customers want and your efforts are visible to them, you would not be able to create a lasting relationship.


How to correct this: 


If you want to avoid the mistakes of a B2B marketer, the very first thing you should do is to develop a good buyer persona. This helps you understand who exactly you are marketing to, and therefore what content will be most valuable to them.


Building an excellent buyer persona surpasses understanding customer demographics alone. It is understanding who your target persona is as a business. 


Also, understand the concerns of your customers and base your marketing campaigns on solving these concerns. The benefit of this is to help keep the strategy relevant to the customer while also helping your company better understand the motivating factors of a purchase decision.


So, the more you understand your customers and their needs, the easier it is going to be to recognize the opportunities to sell them your products or services and to target them exclusively with your offers.


     2. Zero Content Marketing Strategy 


While content marketing isn’t new, it is more important than ever for B2B marketing success today. 


Over the years, it has been one of the major ways brands and businesses of all sizes tell their unique stories to attract customers. However, rushing into content marketing without a strategy is just like throwing boiled spaghetti against the refrigerator to see what sticks. 


According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Sadly, only 37% with a documented content marketing strategy recorded greater levels of overall content marketing success in comparison with marketers who only have a word-of-mouth strategy or zero strategies.




This shows that a large number of b2b companies know that ‘Content is the King’. Now, the question is, do they serve the King?


The development of a fundamentally customer-focused marketing strategy will blaze a trail for a B2B content marketing strategy to reach new customer engagement and acquisition goals. By ensuring value is delivered to your customers, the B2B content marketing strategy will fall into place.


Here are a few key rules of B2B content marketing strategy to kick start the process for you and your team:


  • SEO: Organic search is still one of the top traffic drivers to business sites, and the importance of SEO cannot be denied. Ignoring search engine optimization (SEO) in your content marketing strategy is a significant and costly mistake. Always ensure that your content is properly optimized for search engines.
  • Promotion: Content marketing doesn’t stop at creating good quality content, adding images and publishing; you need to promote the content to gain visibility and generate leads. Promoting your content on the internet is a certain way of generating leads, and the ways you decide to promote it depends on you. You can start from social media to collaborating with influencers or even email marketing and beyond. The point is not only creation but promotion as well.
  • Engaging Content: Most businesses that create boring content have either hired an inexperienced or cheap writer, or they just don’t know what kind of content to create for their business. High-quality and engaging content can make the difference between content marketing success and failure. So make sure you create engaging content that pictures you as an authority in your niche, and also keeps readers coming back to your site.
  • Having a Documented Strategy: A lot of B2B marketers feel there is not enough time to document a strategy. But the truth is we always create time for what is important. Your strategy forms a roadmap that can guide you toward a successful outcome, and while documenting it, you don’t have to be elaborate to be effective.
  • No Call-To-Action (CTA): Adding a CTA to your content might look too simple or irrelevant, but trust me, it has a massive impact in converting visitors to customers. Without including a call to action in your content, you would be losing a lot of potential leads on your site. This is because a call to action is what prompts the reader to take the next step, grows your audience, and directs them to where you want them to go.

Having an effective B2B content marketing strategy focuses on creating the proper content for the proper audience at the proper time. The absence of this is a clear route to prepare for failure even before you begin.


     3. Ignoring Social Media


Using Social Media to one’s business is no longer a unique marketing strategy to build relationships with your customers and provide an outstanding user experience. 


You might think that ignoring Facebook and Twitter won’t be detrimental to your business, and you may be right. However, it’s probably safe to say that for most companies and organizations, social media does matter.


The most successful companies do what they can to leverage every social media channel as one of their top marketing strategies.


While Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies have been in the forefront of social networks for years, a lot of Business-to-Business Companies (B2B) are still behind the fence being held back wondering how they can capitalize on the strength of social media.


With over 3.8 billion individuals making use of social media worldwide, you can rightly say that certain social media platforms can be a profitable avenue for your B2B business’s lead generation process. However, some marketers might ignore or not utilize this channel to its full potential.


Social media marketing is not just about having a business profile on channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 



Taking LinkedIn as an instance, this is an ideal social media platform for B2B marketers because you can target your audience by the companies they work for or by their roles or job titles to make sure you’re reaching the right people. 


You can also create a LinkedIn or Facebook group to promote engagement among your target audience. 


Another benefit of using social media as a marketing strategy is that potential buyers will often be influenced by the reviews and comments of previous customers of a business that they read online. According to statistics, 65% of B2B buyers rely on recommendations and review sites; and 54% look for information about your business on social media.


This indicates that they usually take to social media to check the buzz around a product or a service.


However, with the consistent use of a B2B social media strategy, you will be able to showcase your company products and services to the right audience, have a substantial impact on your brand, and also nurture relationships with target customers. 


So, if ignoring the use of social media has been one of your b2b marketing mistakes, now is the right time for you to take the social media’s bull by the horns.


     4. Neglecting the Trends


One of the common mistakes of a B2B marketer is living in the past. Marketing is continually changing, and you’ll never succeed in it if you keep embracing the past without planning for the future.


In reality, the process of converting a B2B lead into a customer is becoming more and more challenging as time goes on. 


So, what worked years back might still work now, but it may not be the most powerful means for achieving your company’s marketing goals.


As a B2B marketer, you need to integrate current technologies, analyze new marketing avenues, and even look for advanced lead generation methods. You should also cultivate the habit of bringing in fresh approaches that can make you grow better and become more productive. Some of the best methods to keep up with B2B marketing trends include: 


  • Influencers: Following key influencers in your niche on social media is one of the best ways to get notified about the latest trends. You can simply follow them on social media, subscribe to their newsletters or even listen to their podcasts just to get updated on the latest news available.
  • Using Technology: Making use of useful tools such as Google Trends can easily keep you up to date on the latest news and topics that your audience is searching for. This can give you an edge over your competitors once you can leverage on the trending information in your industry before they do.
  • Keep Tabs on your Competitors: Figuring out what your competitors are currently doing is one of the best ways to get trending information. Some of the time, their marketing departments may be supplied with the appropriate resources which enables them to make quality research about marketing trends. Knowing what they are up to can help you decide the next step to take to improve your business.

Moving with trends helps you stay relevant and also competitive. As a result, B2B companies of all sizes must be aware of the challenges and opportunities that exist to increase productivity and give value to their potential customers systematically.


      5. Search Engine Optimization SEO


SEO has been around for a long time, and by the look of things, it’s not going away any time soon. There were times when you could get away with almost anything while trying to do SEO. Pages could be stuffed with irrelevant keywords, content could be duplicated on various pages, and still not marked down by search engines. 


As of today, a wrong way of doing SEO, or a bad one can lead to a big fall in ranking and traffic which could be impossible to regain.


Over the years, companies in the B2B space have become a lot more aware of successful SEO strategies since SEO stands as the biggest opportunity to generate a high quality of B2B leads. However, while trying to create excellent online visibility through the use of SEO, lots of B2B brands still end up making harmful mistakes that harm their SEO.



There are many reasons why an SEO strategy fails to deliver, and I would be discussing the top (3) three.


Let’s dive in


  • Broken Links: I’m sure you know how annoying it is when you click on a particular link hoping to see a certain content; but then, you get directed to an error page telling you the page can’t be found. Once this happens on your web page, it doesn’t only deliver an unprofessional picture to your visitors but also hurts your search engine rankings since broken links make it less likely for search engines to crawl and index your page. So from time to time, make sure you check for broken links on your website and fix them right away.
  • Keywords Stuffing: Even though keyword strategy is one of the best ways to achieve great SEO results, stuffing your posts with too many keywords will do you more harm than good. Ideally, your keyword density should be between 1 to 2%. Google can detect excessive use of keywords through Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Instead of stuffing, try to use your keywords naturally throughout your posts and pages, so it doesn’t look forced or spammy. This would create a great user experience and also make search engines love you!
  • Ignoring Mobile Devices: With a large amount of traffic coming from mobile devices daily, having your website optimized for mobile viewing should be a top priority. Most B2B marketers forget to optimize mobile devices or even make it friendly, which is also a ranking factor for SEO. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will not only miss the opportunity to reach some of your B2B buyers but also rank less on mobile devices.

Doing SEO the right way might seem tedious, but the best thing to do is to take it slow and steady, so you don’t become overwhelmed. Also, I suggest that you go through your website to see if you are committing any of the SEO mistakes mentioned above. If you are, ensure you fix them correctly, so your website gets the rankings and traffic it deserves.




B2B marketing is one of the most useful tactics to get better productivity and profitability of a company cost-effectively. With a lower percentage of businesses doing it right, If you avoid these mistakes, then you can successfully reach your niche prospects without any trouble. 


So are you ready to increase your ROI, sales, and revenue? Then start fixing all your mistakes!


If you have any experience with B2B marketing or other essential mistakes I’ve missed, please let me know about them in the comment section.



Lani Sodunke is a Creative Entrepreneur, Digital Content Enthusiast, and Founder of Over the years, She has helped lots of businesses build their brand through her mind-blowing content creation services.

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