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2 Smart Backlinks Strategy to Help Build Your New Website

This is a guest post by Kolade Fakunle; a Content Writer, Blogger and Digital Marketer who oversees all Editorial Activites at The Affiliate Plug

It is no longer news that backlinks are the most important search engine ranking signal in increasing the search engine of a website. To get high domain authority and high placement in the search engine, you must keep acquiring a ton of quality backlinks pointed to your site.

As a new site owner, beefing up the backlinks of your new can be such a herculean task – you know, no one would love to link to a site with little or no value.

In this article, I explained how these two strategies can help you get quality backlinks even as a beginner with zero networks.

Blog Commenting

In contrary to popular opinion, blog commenting is not dead. Even Matt Cutts head of Google Webmaster webspam team confirms this in and said he practices it.

You need to do it right for it to work. Blog comments in useful in building more links to starting.

It is excellent for beginners who are just starting out with a new site because of it’s low barrier to entry.

Ideally, you should be on the lookout for blogs to comment upon. You can’t have a weight loss blog and try to comment on a blog about tricycle wheels. They can be authority sites in your niche which you read regularly.

A simple google search would provide you more niche blog.

So let’s say you’re a weight loss blogger, you can enter the following search operators in Google.

Weight loss “comment”

Weight loss apps “leave a comment”

Weight loss “submit comment”
Weight loss “leave a reply”

This operator tells Google to show you blogs with a comment section available and you can post your comment.

Not all comments get approved on a blog. Most blogs would have every comment go to a site moderator for a manual check before going live. Since you’re including a link in your comment, you should make sure the comment is extremely valuable not spammy.
Include your real name in the name field, your email in the email field and you can leave the website field blank since it isn’t always compulsory to add it.
Now, you must have read the entire post before commenting. You would want to show the site owner that you actually read the content and you’re not just another blog spammer. Then you’ll pick one piece of the content which relates to where you’re linking to and expand on that piece in the comment section while adding your link.

Find Broken Links

Companies invest a lot in content marketing to engage with and retain their audience with content.

More often than not, It is very likely to find broken links in some of the content they create.
But finding a broken link in their content doesn’t guarantee that you can replace it. You need to create high quality, no BS content if you want the website to link to you, especially if it’s an authority website.

Authority website link to sites they know and trust the quality of content.
First of all, you have to find broken links opportunities. The place to do it to start with a site that does link roundups.  This is websites that are actively looking for links to share so you can easily.

your keyword “top posts this week”
your keyword “monday link roundup”
your keyword “top posts this month”
your keyword “friday link roundup”
your keyword “weekend link roundup”
your keyword “best posts of the week”
your keyword “best posts of the month”
your keyword “best articles of the week”

You can do a simple google search like the ones above to find such opportunities.
Make sure you use Google “search tools” feature to filter the dates and find recently posted content.

You should make sure the website is posting actively.

Next, after getting some potential targets, you should engage with their content. The law of reciprocity holds true here in the sense that when you provide value to someone, they are most likely to do the same back.
You can provide value to their content by sharing on social media if you have an amazing social media following.

You should also drop an attention-grabbing, thoughtful and valuable comment on the post asides sharing.

This would go a long way in attracting attention to your brand, profile.

After engaging, you should connect with them to start a healthy relationship with them. Try not to email them directly.

Most websites would have linked to their social media platforms via their website. Go to their social media platform and drop a nice note that breaks the ice not throwing a kink in their faces.

A short nice note like this would do.

Hey [ ],

I just finished reading your article on [Article Topic] and I totally love it. I even tweeted it to my followers.

Love your work and looking forward to more!

– [Your Name]

It’s calm, not intrusive and would most likely get them excited to give you a reply.

Ask for a Link.

Now that you’ve gotten you’ve reached out after engaging with potential target website that would share your kink, it’s time to request for a link back to your website.

Since they are now more familiar with you and you’ve provides value to their website, they are almost no chances of getting a bland NO.

A simple note like this would.

Hey [Name],

I just finished publishing a piece of content on [Article Topic] I thought would be a good fit for your roundup.

I’ll love if you could include it in your post round up.

[Post Link]

Talk Soon,

– [Your Name]

You should get a positive reply if you followed this process from the start to end.

If not, keep trying.

Getting backlinks from authority as a beginner should not be any difficulty if you can follow these two strategies. They provide good results and are white hat techniques.

Which strategy are you using to get more links to your website? Drop a comment.


Lani Sodunke is a Creative Entrepreneur, Digital Content Enthusiast, and Founder of Over the years, She has helped lots of businesses build their brand through her mind-blowing content creation services.

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