Hi, i'm Lani Sodunke

Digital content creator & Entrepreneur

About me

In pursuit of my bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship, I took the obvious next step of becoming a content creator which has then developed into an undeniable passion of mine. Over the years, I have worked with some great clients and I’ve enjoyed the opportunities they’ve given me to help their businesses grow.

I have been able to successfully assist companies to build an audience by creating high-quality content in business and digital marketing. Being a proficient writer who knows the ins and outs of content creation, my aim is to assist businesses like yours in creating top-notch content. Now you can focus on running your business rather than writing behind the scenes.

Web Content

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If you are in search of the best writing website, big bang content is the right one for you. Here, I offer high-quality business and digital marketing content customized to suit your business goals.

Blog Posts

Create high-quality posts that convert visitors into paying customers.


Get quality content to share information with your target audience, build trust as well as increasing business leads by linking it to your landing page.

Ghost Writing

Enjoy ghostwriting services that would make you stand out from the multitude and take your company to the next stage in the digital world.

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